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Renewable Connections supports the long term success of our clients by uncovering solutions that improve your bottom line while simultaneously achieving a healthier environment for the communities you serve. By helping businesses access various federal and state programs, you gain the edge needed to stay competitive in today's marketplace.  

Caroline McCallum

With over 20 years of experience in business to business marketing, Caroline's strengths lie in creating innovative programs that challenge the business as usual perspective. As CNG program manager for Philadelphia Gas Works, Caroline was responsible for the growth and implementation of CNG as a transportation fuel.  Her success in grant writing earned her clients and company funding that further enabled their investment in clean technologies.

Serving as the Chairman of the Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation, a Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition, allows her to stay closely connected to state and federal grant and incentive programs and offers a wealth of resources to help businesses succeed as they make the switch to cleaner fuels.  

She hold a Bachelor of Science in Institutional Management from the Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers. 

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