Sustainable Transportation solutions

The national movement to transition to 100% clean and renewable energy puts fleets under pressure to meet stricter emissions standards.  Programs are available to offset capital and operational expenditures through this transportation evolution.  Early adopters are well positioned to benefit from new funding streams designed to accelerate adoption.

Renewable Connections has successfully lowered the fuel cost of our customers by over 25%, with projects that are cash flow positive from day one.  Our expertise can help your fleet reach your economic and environmental goals. 


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Renewable Connections lowers your fleets fuel costs while reducing carbon emissions  to give your business a clean advantage.


​Leverage funding programs with the latest transportation technologies to reduce your fleets carbon footprint:

  • Federal Grants & Incentives

  • State Grants & Incentives

  • Tax Credits

  • Utility Incentives

  • Other Funding Resources


Where, when and how you buy your fleets fuel matters.  We offer innovative and financially efficient ways to source your fleets fuels, including a range of renewable pathways.  


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